Highly flexible electric cable

Electric cable, tin free, unshielded, extremely flexible in Compact-execution with minimized outer diameter, resulting in a markedly reduced bending radius. High-tech manufacturing processes nowadays require cables with increased flexibility and resistance. This cable guarantee continuous use in multi-shift operation with million bending stresses. The abrasion resistant and adhesion-free polyurethane sheath guarantee long operation time and very high cost-effectiveness. Longer operation time by conductors having smaller frictional resistance against each other, very high bending strength when bending in alternate directions, about 25-30% lower weight, high sustained flexibility even in temperatures down to -40°C, very good oil resistance and good weather- and UV-resistance.


Conductor Tin free Cu, acc to IEC 60228, EN 60228, VDE 0295 class 6
Conductor insulation TPE 510 black
Conductor marking

White number labeling acc to EN 50334. From 3 conductors1 yellow/green protective conductor

Cabling The conductors are cabled in stock so that all conductors carries evenly distributed tensile stress. Thin cotton cord between each layer

Cotton cord


PUR (matte finish), TMPU acc to VDE 0282 part 10 + HD 22.

Sheath color


Movable mounting

-50 to +90

Min bending radius(x yd)

-40 to +90

Chemical resistance Good against acids, lye, solvents, hydraulic oil, etc.

Very good

Oil resistance

Very good - TMPU acc to VDE 0282 part 10 + HD 22.10

Halogen free Acc to DIN VDE 0472 part 815 + IEC 60754-1